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NFA Transfer

All NFA items must be registered with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Private owners wishing to purchase an NFA item must obtain approval from the ATF, obtain a signature from the Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) who is the county sheriff or city or town chief of police (not necessarily permission), pass an extensive background check to include submitting a photograph and fingerprints, fully register the firearm, receive ATF written permission before moving the firearm across state lines, and pay a tax. The request to transfer ownership of an NFA item is made on an ATF Form 4.

The tax for privately manufacturing any NFA firearm (other than machineguns, which are generally illegal to manufacture) is $200. Transferring requires a $200 tax for all NFA except AOW's, for which the transfer tax is $5 (although the manufacturing tax remains $200).

The registration or transfer process (to an individual or corporation) takes approximately 3–6 months to complete as of October 2015. Additionally, the firearm can never be handled or transported by any other private individual unless the firearm's registered owner is present. Corporations which own NFA can loan them to any employee of the corporation with a letter of permission on the corporate letterhead. NFA items owned by trusts may be legally possessed by any trustee (i.e., if a husband and wife are both trustees, either of them may use and transport the firearm without the other present).

What you need for transfer:

  1. TWO Form 4s with original signatures of the dealer (Transferor) and your Original signatures.
  2. Citizenship Form, you need to sign your name.
  3. Two Finger Printed cards
  4. Make out the check Make a check payable to BATFE for $200.00. You may send a Money Order.

If transferrig under trust or Corporation there are NO needs for finger printing and CLEO signature at this time, but laws are chaginging comming July first 2016.

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  1. KVA SBR Gen.2 .45ACP Alpine

    KVA SBR Gen.2 .45ACP Alpine

    Kriss Vector Gen.2 Short Barrel Rifle (SBR) .45ACP, 5.5" Threaded Barrel, M4 Stock, 13RD Magazine, Alpine white Learn More

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  2. NFA Transfer

    NFA Transfer

    NFA Transfer Learn More

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